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Pest control calls sent directly to your business

$50 per qualified call

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How it works


We generate leads for pest control services

SmarterHome&Yard is our internally generated brand that generates leads and calls.


Qualified calls are routed to your business

We provide consumers with results that match their search so they can then make a direct call to your business.


Only pay when the call reaches a set duration

You only pay when a call reaches 90 seconds (or otherwise agreed upon duration), giving you enough time to qualify the call on your end.

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$50 for a call that lasts 90 seconds

Only pay for the call when it reaches a 90-second duration.

Based on our years of experience generating calls in the pest control industry, we know this to be the average length of time it takes to qualify a call. Our advertisers have reported a 3:1 return on ad spend with this payout per call.

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The SmarterHome&Yard difference

SmarterHome&Yard is designed to help simplify the process of finding a pest control specialist so that you can ensure the leads you are getting are likely a sale.

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